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Deputy Director, Talent Management USAF

Mia Holley

The feedback that Keirsten provided was niche compared to most of the reviews I've received over time. She is extremely personable and candid.

You won't find anyone more talented in career coaching and talent acquisition. I dare you to try.

Talent Acquisition Manager

Gena Gunn

I've known her for several years - she is a true professional in the Talent Acquisition field. Her ability to foster relationships and connect the right people is exceptional.

Keirsten is a proven, results-driven professional and I would recommend her to anyone seeking results.

Founder / CEO, Language With a Beat

Sami Halabi

Without thinking twice or blinking, a friendly introductory conversation turned into a free recruiting consultation. She gives without asking for anything in return.

Keirsten is the epitome of a selfless value-adder!  Anyone who works with Keirsten will quickly agree.

Sales Executive / DoD / Cybersecurity

Joshua Thomas, MSM

She is a great coach when it comes to navigating the recruiting process. She has a complete working knowledge of how the technology behind screening candidates.

Keirsten was instrumental in helping me rewrite my resume to match prospective job leads.



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