#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge Day 4: Being First and Only

February 4, 2018

Throwing it back on a Sunday to last year’s Day 4 post because these feelings still hold true today.

I’ve had a career in Talent Acquisition for 17 years. On far too many occasions, I’ve been the only Black woman invited to strategic meetings to offer insight on how to attract, hire, and retain diverse talent. Worse, there have been times I was the only Black person…period.

In some instances, I was also the first. I begrudged these times. I felt lonely, used, and ineffective. I felt like I was only there to check a box or provide others a false sense of inclusion.

I conditioned myself to move past those feelings and whenever possible found ways to make those spaces less homogeneous. I challenged leaders to be more deliberate in their efforts to be more diverse and inclusive.

I take advantage of opportunities to champion diversity. I’m committed to ensuring whenever I am first, I don’t remain the only.