#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge Week 2: Stop Worrying About What White People Think

February 12, 2018

You know our lives are framed by our experiences. While growing up black, I heard that the ” white man ” owns everything. It’s a ” white man’s world.” Well, if that’s the case and I wanted something then naturally I had to impress upon the ” white man. “


Before long, I would come to understand what all that, REALLY, meant. My purpose became to dispel whatever notion they may have had about black people.  
Yes, I feel a sense of responsibility just like Harriet Tubman. 
Well, something like that powerful black woman. 
I have to worry just in case they mistaken me for their stereotypical representative.
I do worry❗

So in essence, I worry about what the ” white man ” thinks to the extent that the ” white man ” gets an understanding of who I am as a black person, not who they say that I am.  
Oh, and not that I expect that the time will be taken to be understood either.  
It doesn’t take much time to size a person up, to dispel biases, hidden ones as well. 
Yes, I want the ” white man ” to be perfectly clear about this black person who is representative of many like her.

I do worry, but I don’t❗